Help us empower men to speak out about depression, anxiety and suicide.

Haka For Life is non-profit charitable organisation providing a unique platform for men to communicate powerfully and raise awareness of mens mind health.

Indigenous Anzac Day Service

Ngarla Maumahara, Our Rememberance
Monday 25 April 2022

Indigenous Anzac Day Service

We are honoured to share this special event on Noongar Boodja with you all. This is an open invitation for ALL community members to attend.

We are passionate about Indigenous Aboriginal Torres Strait Island & Māori cultures being powerfully included in ANZAC Day memorials, through Corroberee & Haka expression.

Please join us, and a number of guests at this unique West Australian ANZAC Day Service, that powerfully acknowledges Australia & New Zealand, and their Indigenous Cultures.

We are so grateful to have Senator Dorinda Cox- Yamatji – Noongar woman, the first ever Indigenous woman in the West Australian senate and ex-service woman, speaking at Ngarla Maumahara- Our Remembrance, Indigenous ANZAC Day Service tomorrow.

We are grateful to have RSLWA State President Mr Duncan Anderson as a speaker. Mr Anderson’s presence and support of our Indigenous ANZAC Service, is a very significant acknowledgement from RSLWA of Indigenous inclusion on ANZAC Day, and the inclusion of ALL those whom have served, as State President, he is very driven by inclusion.

Reminder that our service starts at 1pm tomorrow, Supreme Court Gardens, Perth.

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Our Story

Haka For Life was founded by Leon Ruri and originally created to help break the stigma of silence by teaching people the haka.

We, the Leadership of Haka for Life declare that we stand for the lives of men

  • Listening without judgement
  • A voice for the unheard
  • A home for love, joy & vulnerability
  • Guardians of culture

Creating strong communities and leadership worldwide.

We are guided by these values in everything we do and all that we are

  • Manaaki Tanga
    Literally is to bestow a blessing upon your guests and others you host
  • Kotahi Tanga
    Unity and oneness in word, actions and intention
  • Whanaunga Tanga
    To value and practice the forming of kinship and relationships
  • Rangatira Tanga
    To weave together. Ranga – Weave. Tira – Group – People together. tanga – Actions – practice
  • Kaitiaki Tanga
    Guardian, care for. Tiaki – ‘to guard’ depending upon context and can also mean, to keep, to preserve, to conserve, to foster, to protect, to shelter, to keep watch over. (Woven universe). Kai – agent of the act. Guardianship, preservation, conservation, fostering, protecting, sheltering. (Woven universe)
  • Integrity
  • Keeping it real
  • Transparency
    Open & Honest
  • Acceptance
  • Humour