In March 2017, Leon Ruri had an idea and within just 4 weeks that idea blossomed into the ANZAC Day Haka for Life.

Over 200 men and women gathered to honour the ANZACs and bring awareness to mens mind health issues by performing the Haka after the Dawn Service in Kings Park, Perth. It was such an extraordinarily powerful experience, the support we received was overwhelming and Haka for Life was born.

Our Values

  • Empower – Empowered men, empower men and we want to remind all men that they already have within them the power to be greater than what they think they are.
  • Integrity – We bring honesty and strong moral principles to all our dealings. Our word is our action.
  • Equity – You’re among friends and we will always strive to be fair and impartial.

Board of Directors

  • Raina Ruri
  • Leon Ruri
  • Winston Grace
  • Nadine Parkinson

Services Team

  • Raina Ruri
  • Kelley Herbert
  • Pippa Gregory
  • Michelle Dignam
  • Cherene Tarawhiti

Leadership Team

  • Delphine Schwarze
  • Whitney Barron
  • Chelsea King

Sponsorship Team

We would like to thank our sponsors, Jeremy’s Exclusive Butchery & Kitchen, Woolworths BWS Kambalda, Woolworths BWS Midland Centre Point and Woolworths BWS Harrisdale for their full support.

It takes courage to stand with us but even more courage to be able to provide us with the resources necessary to fund our mission. Without the generosity of our sponsors we wouldn’t be able to do all the good that we have done, and will continue to do, to promote better healthier lives for all men physically, mentally and emotionally.

If you are interested in becoming a registered sponsor please get in touch and we will contact you directly.